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Workshop “Regenerative fashion”

Time. : 2pm – 4pm Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Venue: Thanh Ha Terracotta Park – Hoi An [ ]

Kilomet109 is a high-end sustainable fashion label, founded in 2012, by the designer Thao Vu. The brand’s style reflects an elegant interplay between Western and Eastern influences. By blending simple flattering silhouettes with a sophisticated color palette, and adding in subtle touches of Vietnamese heritage, Kilomet109 creates designs that are fresh and innovative.

The brand has an important social element as well. Kilomet 109 has been working with several craft communities across Viet Nam including the vulnerable ethnic minorities groups to source handmade fabrics, create natural dyes, and apply traditional techniques to create modern pieces. This has provided a valuable source of extra income for women in these communities and has helped incentivize the preservation of fading traditions.

Kilomet109 not only knows how to weave the diverse array of indigenous methods seamlessly into practical fashion collections, but the brand also has significant explorations in showcasing the Vietnamese cultural value through fine art installations.The collections and fine art projects are exhibited and sold in Vietnam and around the world.

At the workshop we will be meeting with designer Vu Thao – Kilomet109.

[ Free admission ]


Công viên đất nung Thanh Hà - Hội An



14:00 - 16:00, 18/11/2020

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